"What Is That!?" She Screamed.


"Calm down. Nothings there. Or maybe it's just more owls."
"Okay, kool, we saw it. Can we just leave now?"
"Chill out! Nothing is here! It's just a neat place okay? Go wait outside if your super scared."
"Oh ya, thats a great idea. Just like in all of the horror movies, seperate. No thank you, I think I'll stay with the group."
"You'r so retarded."
"Be nice. Let's just go see what's in the other room."
"Up those stairs? No way. What if I go in there and then I fall through the floor bords into ablivion?"
"Then we'll leave you. Now let's go see."
"She's just kidding, come on."

They walked over the broken ground twards the metal door, using the light of the borken window's light as there own. One of the three girls then assended the concrete staircase up to the door, with the other two at her heals. The one in the back tripped on the first stair causing a domino affect to push the leader into the New dark room.

"Hey, don't push me!"

"Guy's Help!"

To Be Continuied...